In 1967 an Australian legend was born and it changed the way we looked at driving forever. The car was the Falcon GT which was at one stage, the fastest four-door production vehicle in the world. By the end of the 1960s and early 70s it dominated Australian motor racing.

30 years of Falcon GT – The Legend follows the development of the Falcon GT from modified high-speed police pursuit car into the powerhouse that took on Mount Panorama. It also examines the controversial death of the Aussie Super cars in the 1970s to the rebirth of the GT in the early 1990s.

Australian motor racing identities Allan Moffat, Harry Firth, Fred Gibson, John Bowe and Dick Johnson also speak about the ‘good-old-days’ of the GT, and we track down the creator of the Falcon GT – Bill Burke – now retired in Virginia, USA.

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