Glenn Ridge, along with outback adventurers Ron and Viv Moon and Adelaide historian and journalist Graeme ‘Mac’ McInerney, spend several weeks exploring the spectacular coastline of The Great Australian Bight.

They visit a secluded bay in South Australia where Dutch explorers dropped anchor in 1627, 143 years before Captain Cook first ‘discovered’ Australia. It is on the islands in the bay that author Jonathan Swift set his famous story of Gulliver and the little people of Lilliput – way back in 1726.

They come across the remains of the sand engulfed Eucla telegraph station, a radio telescope searching for evidence of the creation of the universe, swim with seals and dolphins in shark infested waters and stay with a young couple on the remotest bird observatory in the world.

They also catch footage of the rare brush-tailed bettong – a small marsupial that has been saved from extinction by South Australian National Parks.