Glenn Ridge travels through the dry, harsh deserts of central Australia in search of the legendary Chugga Kurri, a hidden valley that mythology claims is a 'lost' Garden of Eden.

This series looks at the trials and tribulations of a trip endeavouring to recount the steps of early Australian explorer Michael Terry and find his mythical oasis in the harsh and ever changing landscape of Central Australia.

Michael Terry reported sighting Chugga Kurri more than 75 years ago describing it as a line of sandstone cliffs, hundreds of feet high with lines of green creeks below set in tropical and luxuriant bush.... 'like a dream of beauty and coolness'.

Days of fruitless searching in the area pinpointed as the likely location of Chugga Kurri force Glenn to seek alternative methods. Despite the five-man expedition having the assistance of the most advanced radio and satellite navigation equipment available, use of an aircraft is necessary so Glenn takes to the air from the desert floor in a ultra-light aero-chute for a birds-eye view.

Proof that persistence does pay off, Glenn and the team do find Chugga Kurri, but is it what Michael Terry saw?