Glenn Ridge and outback adventurer Ron Moon travel through the Cape York Peninsula, a hot untamed wilderness just north of Cairns that’s the size of Victoria!

They travel over 1,000 kilometres of bone shattering dirt roads, tropical rainforests, croc infested rivers and harsh desert to reach Cape York, the most northern tip of mainland Australia.

They meet some unique characters along the way, including a man who holds the key to some of the world's best examples of aboriginal rock art and a woman who has plaster casts of what she claims to be 'animals unknown to science’.

Even more unusual is the local wildlife, many unique to the Cape. From the brightly coloured cassowaries to the cus cus – a monkey faced possum; the animals are as beautiful and colourful as the scenery.

The Cape York Peninsula is one of the most popular 4 wheel-drive trips in Australia. If you’re thinking about tackling it, try Ron Moon’s Guide to Cape York (book or DVD) available from